Hearing Evaluations

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations for adults and children ages 3+

Speech in Noise Testing, Loudness Discomfort, and Most Comfortable Levels

Video Otoscopy

Cerumen Removal


Acoustic Reflex Testing

Otoacoustic Emissions

Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Evaluation and Management

Do you ever experience sounds such as ringing, buzzing, hissing, or humming in your head?

These sounds are known as tinnitus and almost everyone experiences these sounds from time to time.  These noises can certainly become more bothersome when they don’t go away.  Just like diabetes or high blood pressure, tinnitus can be a chronic condition.  So while it is true that tinnitus cannot be cured, we are passionate about helping our patients manage their tinnitus using evidence based strategies.

How we can help you manage your tinnitus?

Everyone reacts to tinnitus differently which means everyone needs an individualized treatment plan tailored specifically to them. Some patients, just upon being educated on the source of their tinnitus through our comprehensive evaluation, find relief. Others find more targeted strategies or a combination of such strategies such as sound therapy, environmental distractors, lifestyle changes, and cognitive behavioral therapy beneficial.  Occasionally, tinnitus can be treated medically and when this is discovered during the comprehensive evaluation, a medical referral is provided.

Earmold Impressions, Custom Earmolds, and Hearing Protection

One form of hearing health is to protect the ears from loud noise.  We take pride in educating on harmful levels of noise to help prevent hearing loss induced by noise exposure.

Custom Earmolds

Earmolds attach to a hearing aid to deliver the sound into the ear canal.  Custom ear molds are often crucial to provide successful hearing aid fittings.

Musician’s Earplugs

Hi-fidelity earplugs with removable filters to provide musicians and other professionals with hearing protection while ensuring the best, most natural sound quality.

Custom Noise Protection

A variety of custom earplugs for hearing protection. Many styles and colors are available.

Custom Swim Plugs

Floatable, silicone earplugs in many colors, also available with swirled colors.

Assistive Listening Devices

Television amplifiers, telephone amplifiers, amplified phone ringers, light signalers for telephones, vibrating alarm clocks and more.

Cerumen Removal

Hearing Aid Evaluations and Services

Hearing Aid Evaluation

After the comprehensive hearing evaluation is completed, a Communication and Functional Needs Assessment may follow to identify the best individualized treatment plan.  This process allows the Audiologist to fully assess the whole-patient using multiple clinical tools.  The communication partner(s) and patient’s lifestyle, cosmetic desires, and psychological, medical, educational, social, and/or vocational impact of hearing difficulties will all be addressed.  The Audiologist will also assess the the patient’s dexterity, cognitive and/or auditory processing status, as well as screen for depression.

The Treatment Plan

Washington Hearing Center is focused on patient-centered treatment.  The information collected in the Communication and Functional Needs Assessment will be utilized to develop the treatment plan.

Washington Hearing Center offers an unbundled treatment plan for our patients since each individual has different hearing difficulties, needs, and goals for success.  “Unbundled” means offering a clear differentiation of the services from the products.  Using an unbundled model of care means that there are no hidden fees in the purchase of hearing aids or any other treatment plan. This model allows for transparency with our patients and informed decision making for an optimal outcome.

Hearing aid success depends not only on well-fit products, but also on thorough follow-up care.  Washington Hearing Center will help each patient throughout their hearing journey.

Dr. Tanya and Dr. Allison will discuss and review your individualized treatment plan, as well as which services are critical to your success. With our unbundled, individualized treatment plan, Washington Hearing Center puts the needs of each patient first.

Hearing Aids

Washington Hearing Center offers different styles and levels of technology.  Styles of hearing aids range from the smallest Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) to power behind the ear (BTE) devices.  Hearing aids are programmed based not only on a patient’s hearing loss, but also based on their unique hearing needs.  Whether a patient prefers the hearing aid to run automatically, a manual volume control or program button, battery vs. rechargeable, an app on a smartphone, or bluetooth technology, Washington Hearing Center can help determine what is the best option(s) to maximize each patient’s hearing potential.

Hearing Aid Verification Measures

Live Speech Mapping and Visible Speech Mapping are used to verify the performance of hearing aid settings.  Hearing aids can be programmed based on prescriptive measures.

Even if your hearing aids were purchased elsewhere, we can verify the hearing aids are programmed appropriately and are providing you the quality sound you deserve and expect.  We are proud to be part of the HearingUp network which ensures we follow Best Practices.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Manufacturers we work with include:  Phonak, Resound, Unitron, Starkey, Siemens/Signia, Widex.  We can also in-house service other brands not listed.

Accessories and Streaming Products

Streaming products can often be intimidating, when in reality, they were invented to help make life easier.  Hearing aids can be made into a personal wireless headset when paired with devices to help with listening to TV, music, phone calls, and even face to face conversations.  Although a smartphone helps with several of these platforms, this technology is not essential with all devices.