Chronic diseases often lead to hearing loss


Up to 30% of adults with diabetes will experience hearing loss.  High blood glucose causes tiny blood vessels in the inner ear to break, disrupting sound reception


Thyroid disease

Hearing loss may increase with severity of hypothyroidism.


Chronic Kidney disease

The kidney and blood supply in the inner ear share similarities giving a higher prevalence of hearing loss among older adults.


Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension

Inadequate blood supply and trauma to the inner ear blood vessels can contribute to hearing loss.  A person with cardiovascular disease is 3X more likely to have hearing loss than those without cardiovascular



Johns Hopkins University reported patients with hearing loss had up to 5X higher risk of dementia than patients with no hearing problems.


If you are a loved one is battling a chronic disease mentioned above, call Washington Hearing Center to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation.


Resource:  Academy of Doctors of Audiology/HSC